How to get a good cardio workout without running or using a treadmill or doing aerobics exercises?

I got one simple answer. Buy a jump rope and start doing jump rope exercises 🙂 I started thinking I need to do jump ropes for cardio when I’ve come to a conclusion that buying a treadmill to use in my home gym, (that is located in the attic of my duplex apartment), was not going to work out.

Since I’m a boxing fan, I know that boxers have been using Jump ropes for endurance training. I figured why not try it. So, I’ve recently started doing jump rope exercises. I’ve incorporated it in my daily workout routine as a warm-up exercise. To my surprise, my endurance has been getting better. Not just that, I noticed also that I’ve maintained my weight consistently. I don’t gain weight as fast as I used to before I started doing jump ropes.

So I recommend that you try this cheap but effective cardio workout routine. I hope it works out for you as it’s doing for me.

Get started:

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Here’s a link to a Beginner Jump Rope Workout video.

Enjoy your Jump Rope workouts!